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Woman Redecorates Room to Welcome 14-Year-Old Newly Adopted Sister and Her Reaction Will Bring You to Tears

It’s literally magical.

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Having family around is probably one of the biggest blessings in life we can count on, but not everyone is that fortunate. And having cool parents is a whole other story. Like the parents of this 9-year-old, who surprised him with such a cool bedroom makeover.

Speaking of bedroom makeovers, TikTok creator Kristen Holbrook (@kristencardenholbrook) also did something incredible, as she shows in her video. 


The reaction of her adoptive sister is genuinely priceless! Probably one of the sweetest surprise makeovers, I've ever seen. As mentioned in the video, Kristen's new sister loves Harry Potter anything, so of course, she decorated the bedroom accordingly. She even used a stone pattern wallpaper or contact paper to give it that rustic vibe, as well as floating candles - which I personally think are the highlight of the room. Kristen also attached some floating shelves to the wall to hold some old books that look like spell books, as well as a gold frame mirror decorated with letters and envelopes that even have a wax seal. I mean, look at all those details! 

Speaking of details, the mirror also has a mysterious gold key hanging from its frame, there is also an owl statue, a cool light fixture that reflects the stars and moon. You can also spot some old-school clocks and a coat of arms. Regardless of all those Harry Potter details, the room feels cozy and homey.

Definitely a success!