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Here Is How You Have a Harry Potter Christmas!

And you don't even have to travel to Hogwarts!

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The world of Harry Potter is a magical world for many and it has captured the attention and love of even more. It comes as no surprise, then, that so many people want to add a bit of that magic to their own lives, whether it be through theming their (or their children’s) rooms and decorations around all the special places in the book, or even dressing up their favorite holidays to celebrate the beloved books!

Well, one TikTok creator, Morgan Ryan, has shown us exactly how we can bring a bit of Hogwarts into our own homes this Christmas, and I can’t wait to start following her suggestions!


Morgan starts off the video by showing off several aspects of her home and Christmas decorations, but unlike most people decorating for Christmas, her theme is very, very obviously HP-inspired. There’s a fake thestral up on the walls with a Santa hat perched on its head, before the video pans to the start of the show.

The main area that Morgan is showing off just so happens to be her Christmas tree, complete with tiny winged keys hanging delicately off of the tree as well as in various places around her kitchen and living room, a Sorting Hat sits jauntily atop the tree in the replacement of a star or angel, and the gold and red colors perfectly mimic the Gryffindor home room.

Moving on, even her doggos are feeling the holiday spirit thanks to a houseroom-inspired bed that they can enjoy and keep warm even when it is cold outside. I, for one, love the look and can’t wait to see more as time goes by!

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