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Woman Transforms Studio Into a Haunted Magical Library

There is definitely Harry Potter vibe going on here.

Having a theme in mind - or your favorite movie - while renovating and redecorating your home can help bring a vision to life. And since Halloween is approaching, why not dress up appropriately? Harry Potter-everything always works, as you can do so much with that theme, like floating lanterns.

You could also turn a room in your home into something Harry Potter, such as TikToker Rachelle (@poseandpostak) did with her studio.


Definitely magical! Especially that emerald green. Just a few things are needed to give your home - or a room in your home - a Harry Potter-inspired haunted library vibe. First things first, painting the wall in a rich green, such as emerald is a must. You will also need some old books that you can tear apart and burn the corners of the pages to give them a used, vintage look. The other remaining pages in the books - you will probably never read anyways - can be folded and taped to make it seem like they're moving. Other earthy tones and materials are also necessary, like moss to enhance the witchy vibe. A green antique rug, which can be found at Goodwill or flea markets is also a must because it gives the room its finishing touch. And last but not least, you would need some animal skulls to decorate the wall, candles, and black candle holders, as well as dark-stained furniture to create a contrast with the green. If you want to make it even creepier, you can put a stuffed owl on a shelf and a fake human skull. 

This Harry Potter makeover turned out great!