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Haunted Doll Collector Catches Her Latest Purchase 'Terrorizing' Her

She took home a doll that changed everything.

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Listen, you can't help it if a ghost happens to haunt your home. It's not something you signed up for; you likely got a new home and there happened to be be an "entity" or energy of sorts connected to that place. However, there are some people who apparently just love chaos and welcome it with open arms. That seems to be the case for a TikToker @soulmori who purposefully collects haunted dolls and brings them home. She even says she has caught them moving on their own on camera. 


And now, she claims she might have gotten in over her head with one doll particular.

"Straight away when we locked eyes, I felt an intense energy," she claims in her TikTok video of when she first found the doll in a thrift shop. 

In an update, she let her followers know the reasons she grabbed him is because she saw his "mouth move" and swears she has some sort of special connection with it. Only, things took a worse turn from there. She says that as soon as she got the doll home and cleansed it, she had a horrible headache and went to lay down, and that's went she started hearing scratching in the hallway close to (or coming from) her doll room. She also says she found the doll on the top of her shelf when she had not put him there, and that the room itself was an inexplicable mess. 

Since then, the doll went "missing" and that's when things got out of control. Evidently, the doll collector has had mysterious scratches appear on her and important items go missing. It wasn't until weeks later when she claims she found the doll in her apartment building's shed, along with some of the missing items. 

Ultimately, he journey is at a standstill as she is trying to figure out how to best get rid of the "evil" toy.  For now, she has it locked in a safety box surrounded by a protection spell. But even that method is questionable, because according to her, she caught it trying to "move" out of the box.


Whether or not you believe that this was a a real-life capture of a haunted doll moving, you have to admit, the whole endeavor is pretty eerie. You can follow along for her journey, but be sure not to claim any of that negative energy.