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Woman’s Bathroom Is a Scary Good DIY Disney’s Haunted Mansion Theme

This is honestly just too cool.

One of the cool things about having your own bathroom space is you can decorate it however you like. Some people (myself included) absolutely love a bohemian-themed space filled with lush green plants and vibrant colors, while others may prefer a calm and soothing beach themed bathroom.

I’ve seen cute results with both themes since they’re quite popular, however, I recently came across a different type of bathroom decor while scouring through TikTok that’s so unique!Inspired by Disney’s “Haunted Mansion,” TikTok user @arielsarts did a not-so-typical bathroom makeover and it’s so cool, that you’ll have to see for yourself!


I’ve never seen a bathroom decorated with a haunted theme in mind, but I have to say, this is impressive! I especially like the black paint on the walls and how the pop of green from her plant easily stands out as a result of the dark-colored wall. The wall paper, candles and spooky pictured in the picture frames perfectly complement the “Haunted Mansion” theme as well.

While the bathroom theme is quite different and surprising, I’m not surprised by how many people in the comments section love the final look and how she effortlessly appeared to tie everything in perfectly to fit her theme.

While this is different from my décor style, I like this bathroom theme a lot! What do you think?