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Artist Gives Cancer Patient a Gorgeous Henna Crown

This design is breath-taking.

Artists are truly talented individuals and thanks to social media, we basically have a front row seat to the amazing art that many artists choose to share with us through their platforms. From repurposing dying flowers into art, to upcycling an intricate design onto an antique stool, we’ve come across some of the most beautiful art via social media and this artwork from Henna artist Sarah of TikTok account @sarahennaseattlehenna is no exception.

Recently, Sarah showcased her amazing Henna skills on a regular client that is undergoing chemotherapy treatments. This work is breathtaking!


Not only do we adore the detail of the Henna art, but we love the idea of doing Henna crowns on cancer patients. The botanicals and swirls throughout the entire crown are stunning. The session that we see in this video is even more special to see considering that her hair is growing back.

Everything from the process to the final look is beautiful and so many people in the comments agree. “Beautiful. I wish I had thought of doing this when I went through chemo,” @loraineconn wrote. “Never seen this before, but it’s wonderful. If I ever need chemo, I’ll look for a henna artist like you,” @theologianatlarge shared. “This is such a beautiful idea,” @jacquiyoung6 wrote. “So fantastic. what an exquisite design,” @jodygalardo commented.

We agree and absolutely love this idea.