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Woman Upcycles Curtain Rod Into Perfect Under-the-Cabinet Drying Rack

Aesthetic AND functional!

Have you been growing herbs in your garden but not sure what to do with them once the season is over? Or maybe you’ve been looking to get into drying your herbs, but not sure where to start?

We’ve got just the trick for you, and lucky enough, it will only take one item you likely already have in your home!


So today’s herb drying hack comes to us from MrsT aka MissesTandMe on TikTok, and she’s an avid gardener who needed a better way of drying all the herbs that she’d grown, while still being able to keep an eye on them.

Her solution? A simple curtain rod.

MrsT had an old curtain rod lying around, one with cute little knobs on each end to make sure that the rod was held in place, as well as some under cabinet space that was just screaming for something to be filled with something. So she simply screwed the curtain rod’s hangers into place, then put the rod in and secured it as well.

So yes, when we say it is a simple solution, we really do mean it!

After the rod is put into place, all she has to do is go out to her garden, gather up her herbs, then bundle each kind up with some white string. Each bundle is then hung up on the curtain rod, hanging in a place where it gets plenty of light and air so they will dry out properly, and in a place where MrsT can keep a close eye on them.

We love this idea because not only will your kitchen be filled with the lovely smell of drying herbs, but you’ll also be able to make sure each bundle gets the time it needs. We’d suggest adding a small tag to each bundle, just to remind yourself of when you started drying each so you don’t have to try and remember dates, but otherwise have fun!