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Here’s What to Do With the ‘Stems’ of Kid’s Bunch O Balloons This Summer

What a cool idea!

As we’re forced to welcome in the brutal hot weather from the upcoming summer season, we’re preparing for multiple ways to keep cool. Water parks, tubing on the river and swimming in the pool are undoubtedly excellent options for the entire family to keep cool but if you don’t have access to either of them, an option just as great as the aforementioned choices are Bunch O Balloons! Not only are these water balloons fun for the whole family, but there’s actually a surprisingly beneficial way in which you can reuse the balloon stems!


How cool is this unexpected hack? We’re able to have fun with the family but also use the stems to responsibly water our garden at the same time! Rather than removing the stems from the water hose, keep them attached and easily water all of your plants. It’s practically like having a handheld sprinkler. Genius. Some TikTok users took to the comments to share how beneficial this hack is. “I’ve been doing this, works so nicely,” TikTok user @type1mama3 wrote. “That’s so smart!!” another TikTok user @insaneinthedrmembrane commented. “That [hack] is actually useful,” @knoxvisualz wrote.

It’s already feeling like summer here in the south, so if you’re looking for the perfect solution to keep you, your family, and your plants cool, Bunch O Balloons are perfect! 

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