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This Overgrown Hill Is Hiding a Secret

Can you spot it?

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It is no surprise that most people - not just celebrities but everyone - want to live in privacy. That's why homeowners or renters build a fence with a hedge around their house, so nobody can peek into their property, especially helpful if you have nosy neighbors. Other people, however, like to escape their family members and create a hiding spot within their homes. 

And then there are others, who might be hiding from the government, or haven't paid their gardener's salary for a while, as this TikTok account @acres_lawn_care shares with us.


I know it is hard to spot but it is there, apparently. Can't tell if this is a joke or if someone is really living there. Or perhaps used to live there and it is now abandoned - hence its current state. I'd assume someone actually lives in there and enjoys being hidden away from society, neighbors, and noise. 

I guess all that it needs is just a little trim and some renovation. Wonder how the inside looks? Maybe you would find moss, birds, some squirrels, and branches? Like a tree house maybe? Or even better, it leads to a super hidden speakeasy in the basement, such as this TikTok couple did with their basement

One TikToker @admp266 commented,

"The mould [sic] and mildew!!!"

To which @_birdmen_ replied,

"I bet it's warm in the winter though!" 

I think it could be quite cute and cozy, however, I wouldn't be surprised to find snakes and little critters, as they always find their way inside a house. And that's just a dealbreaker.