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Gardner Finds Mysterious Metal Handle In Her Garden Beds and Thinks It’s a Secret Hideout

What is in there?!

You’ve probably heard stories of new homeowners going through old overgrown gardens, accidentally unearthing buried money, or even finding lost toys that had been grown over when the house had changed hands. So what would you do if you found something unusual in your own garden?


This situation is exactly like the one that happened to TikTok creator Jillian (villagerjillian) when she was raking through the old, abandoned garden in the house she’d recently purchased. What makes Jillian’s case even more interesting is that she didn’t find money or abandoned toys, but rather an ancient handle, encrusted with soil, only uncovered once she had begun clearing out the brush and grown-up garden.

As Jillian tells us, she really didn’t know what to expect. The house's former owner had been… eccentric, to say the least, and she believed there was every possibility that the handle could lead into a bomb shelter or hideout. It could even simply be a smaller underground cellar to keep produce cool before it was moved indoors or for extra storage. So, what could it be?

We rushed to the comment section to see what others were saying. Many suggested things like cistern covers or septic covers, and while that doesn’t seem fun at all, it is also probably far more likely. Of course, one user had to freak us out by saying they had something similar outside their old apartment, which just happened to be a renovated funeral home. Their handle led down to a cremation room. So, let’s just hope it isn’t something like that!

Luckily, it seems like the mystery was solved for Jillian. In a later live-turned-video, she reveals that the whole appears to be nothing more than, drumroll please… A grease trap. Now, while we were hoping for some cool portal to another dimension, this does make a lot more sense.