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Man Finds a Real Speakeasy Hidden In an Average Closet

It’d be amazing if they restored it to its former glory.

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In the 1920s, Prohibition was in full swing. That meant that alcohol was outlawed and illegal to consume. But that didn't stop people from having fun! Speakeasies popped up all over the US as a way for people to drink while evading the law. A speakeasy is where you can drink alcohol without getting caught by the police.

The man was selling the house and was showing it to prospective buyers when he opened the closet in one of the bedrooms.

He had no idea what was beneath.

Hidden passages and hideaways are less rare than you think. See this one commenter's experience with historical secrets.

"I grew up near a house Al Capone used to hide out in. It had a tunnel to the woods where he could pop out if the cops came." @JCC

Others wanted to make sure the history was preserved. You can't make up for these one-of-a-kind details.

"You should fix up. I would because that's too amazing to let go." @evilsnowflakes

And, like us, this real estate mystery only raised more questions for some.

"Check behind the bar for another trap door to escape. I'm curious." @imconfusedhowaboutyou

Decorating a space like this would be its own treat, too! How many people can really claim they have an actual speakeasy in their home?

It’s amazing how many secrets our homes hold. Who knew there were so many speakeasies hidden in closets? It’s safe to say that if you have one of these secret rooms or even just a cool room that nobody knows about, you should go check it out!

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