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Woman Uses $7 Contact Paper Hack to 'Hide' Dishwasher

For anyone with painted cabinets, this is a really cool way to keep everything coordinated.

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Appliances are likely interior decorator's enemy number 1. They are clunky, mechanical looking, and can really disrupt the flow of a room. But those that love a good symmetrical moment will find a way to keep things flowy and gorgeous. And the only logical step when a dishwasher is ruining the flow of a bold green cabinetry? Paint it the same color as those cabinets.

Of course, you shouldn't paint right onto an appliance directly, as the surface won't really absorb the color and if you hate it, you're kind of stuck. So Baker.Blooms on TikTok, who just painted her cabinets a vibrant Avocado green color, found a way to paint it without committing to it forever. The solution? Simple, $7 contact paper. 


She smoothed out two pieces of contact paper to wholly covered her dishwasher, taking extra care to banish any bubbles before applying paint. She then used  three coats of cabinet enamel paint to get that rich, saturated color to flow with her cabinets. She even added a little gold "Rub n' Buff" to the control board for an extra pop and the end result was pretty stunning. Of course, if that maximalist style isn't your vibe you can do this well with any color painted cabinets.

A lot of her followers gave her grief for her color choice, but the truth is, if she loves it and can rock it, who are we to judge? We love that seamless look when you take a panoramic view at it.