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People Are Convinced They Saw a Ghost In Video Of Dad Playing Hide and Seek With Daughter

That was NOT her hiding being that dresser.

Our home is supposed to be our refuge. It is the space we should feel safest, because it is ours. But there is so much that make a home feel just like a house, and for some it is an unforeseen force that takes the feeling of safety away. Well, unforeseen until it's caught on camera

In an eerie video a dad is trying to "seek" his hidden daughter when he enters a dark room. When he enters the room and does a quick scan, the camera seems to pick up some movement in the corner. You hear the dad jokingly call out "I see you behind the dresser," and it looks like there is some movement there. As he makes his way over to let her know he's found her, the camera catches something on the bed... the outline of a girl hiding beneath the sheets.


When he yanks back the sheet it is in fact his daughter, who pops out saying "you found me!" But if that was her hiding under there all along, who was that in the corner!?

Re-watching it, you can clearly see a cat is sitting on top of the dresser, but it certainly doesn't account for the movement behind it, where it looks like someone is ducking down, crouching as if they are hiding. Some folks in the comments were even saying it appears that it is pointing towards the bed, giving away the little girl's hiding place. 

I'll be honest, if I saw that, I'd be hiding my family in a hotel and seeking a new house ASAP.