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Woman Tricks Everyone Into Thinking She Has High Ceiling With This Neat Paint Hack

This optical illusion is easy enough for anyone to pull off.

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High vaulted ceilings are usually a highly sought after amenity when looking for a new home, rather you opt to rent or own. However, if you live in a space that doesn’t have the beautiful feature that you desperately want, then this paint hack from TikTok content creator @honeybeeandhollie is just what you need to create the illusion of having high ceilings!

How cool is this paint hack?! She created this alcove to give the impression of having higher ceilings by painting an accent wall a beautiful blue-green color and used the same color paint to extend the paint job to the ceiling for an extra door or two. This makes it appear as though the painted wall and ceiling is higher than the non-painted ceiling and it’s so genius!

Unsurprisingly, many of her followers and viewers loved this brilliant optical illusion hack and shared their thoughts in the comment section. "This is like magic, looks stunning,” @tribe_mama wrote. “That is amazing ….it really looks like an alcove now,” @annwilliamson3 shared. “Genius!!! Next level thinking! That looks so impressive! Great job,” @markhayes33 commented.

We have to agree! This simple painting hack made a huge difference in her home for the better!

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