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Woman Realizes She’s Been “Bamboozled” By Hobby Lobby After Finding a Duplicate Decorations for Less Than Half the Price

Walmart for the win!

Ah sweet sweet buyer's remorse, we’ve all been there, you walk in a store, see something you love, maybe even see it's on sale, so you run to the register with it and yell at the clerk “Take my money!!”. The very next day you see the same item that is almost identical for a fraction of the price, you threw the receipt away already and there’s not much you can do about it.

This is what happened to @shianniadooley after she bought a green grinch wreath home from Hobby Lobby.

After walking into the famous Hobby Lobby know for its array of crafts, decor, and well overpriced items, the woman see the exact green grinch themed wreath she has been wanting for her front door, and better yet its on sale for $45, so she takes it to the register and hands over her money. A trip to Walmart she sees almost the exact same grinch wreath that has one small detail that is different, the color of the backing on the wreath. The major difference though is the price, with the Walmart wreath coming in at $25. Thats quite the difference for just a different color of the item nobody is even going to see! 

As the woman says she has been “Bamboozled”!

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