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This Gorgeous Holiday Centerpiece Was Completely Made From the Dollar Store

And it looks good enough to sell at Target.

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The holiday season is an exciting time to decorate your home. However, decorating can be expensive if you make everything from scratch. That’s why this dollar store Christmas centerpiece idea is so great! Make this beautiful centerpiece without breaking the bank.

People loved the ingenuity of this affordable home décor piece.

"This came out sooo good I didn’t think it would but I should’ve never doubted you." @Ángeles

The creator was more than confident in his crafting ability when he replied to his comment, "Trust the process." @CraftGrooms · Creator

Other commenters shared the same sentiments. "This is super super cute!!" @Sharelleb

You can make your own holiday centerpiece on the cheap using only a few dollars worth of supplies from your local dollar store. Here's how to get started:

  • Get creative with pool noodles (like the creator in this video) !
  • Use broomsticks to secure your pool noodle, and then attach garland greenery to it for extra color. Pick whatever colors your holiday heart desires.
  • Glue on holiday ornaments since you don't want them falling off after all that hard work! 
  • Candle holders are optional but recommended, especially if you want something more permanent than just setting candles directly onto the tabletop (and potentially making a mess). Don't use real candles though! This could melt all the plastic decorations. Instead, use tea lights!

It’s easy to make a holiday centerpiece on the cheap! The best part is that you can customize it however you want—whether for simple elegance or something more elaborate. Pick your own colors and place this on your foyer credenza, dining room table, or fireplace mantle for extra flair.