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Man Shares Holistic Tip Why Irish Spring Soap Keeps Rodents Away But Shouldn’t Be Used On the Body

So helpful!

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Soap can be used for multiple things. Especially cheap soap with a strong scent, such as Irish Spring. It will keep your linen fresh if you evenly distribute the soap shavings in your dresser, and apparently, it will also keep rodents away. 

At least that's what TikTok creator Kyle is claiming, who is a holistic healer. In his video, he shares why Irish Spring soap is better to be used for things other than your body. Let's find out why!

I was always suspicious of Irish Spring soap, especially its neon green color. 

As Kyle says in the video,

"This is the only thing toxic soaps are actually good for, and it's not your body. Irish Spring shavings will actually keep rodents out of your house and I'm using it to keep out of my camper. Now, if this keeps rodents away, what do you think it does inside your body when it absorbs through your skin in the shower?"

He continues by saying,

"Don't ever use crappy soaps like this because it will mess up your endocrine system and do other negative things in the body that you don't want. Use natural products, not nasty products."

In other words, he claims that using toxic soap on your body will mess up your hormonal household.

However, the TikTok community begged to differ, regarding the rodents.

As TikToker @_krystle11 said,

"Mice love to eat that soap Tried years ago in camper and cabin and both places created a buffet!"

I could see that happening, mice are true scavengers!

Another TikToker @wilderwaters chimed in,

"Agreed! Didn’t help at all just attracted them."

Oh no! I wonder how many mice showed up to that Irish Spring soap buffet.

And TikToker @lorriegingras suggested,

"Peppermint oil is the best, this didn’t work!"

Good to know!

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