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bed frame sale lead

Amazon is Discounting Bed Frames by up to 40%

When remodeling a home, some things might go over your head. Have you considered upgrading your bed frame?

lego star wars

Celebrate 'May the 4th' With Star Wars Products Fit For Your Home

We're breaking out our lightsaber to show off our top picks across new home items and see some deep discounts.

starbucks coffee front

'Secret' Starbucks Menu Item Pays Homage To Beloved Flower & Everyone Is Obsessed

"The Sunflower" sounds like it is essentially spring in a Starbuck's cup.

strawberry dangling off of the vine

Woman Grows Breathtaking Vertical Strawberry Garden With Basic Dollar Tree Hack

You don't need a fancy greenhouse: Just a few stackable planters and a dream.

father and son lay in bed

Security Camera Catches Toddler Waving To 'No One' As Dad Tucks Him In

Footage from a baby monitor has folks doing a double take.

paint in a pan

Woman Transforms $10 Goodwill Find Into Stunning Dupe Of a $2,500 Anthropologie Piece

Love the style or hate it, you have to admit it's a pretty convincing dupe!

bunch of dandelion leaves

You Can Totally Make Jelly From the Weeds In Your Yard

Dandelions aren't completely useless.

farm house

Mom 'Catches' Eerie Reflection While Wandering Around Her 300 Year Old Property

The farm house is gorgeous, but honestly, is it worth it?

hotel hallway

Woman Books Themed Hotel Room On a Whim and Gets Huge Surprise In Her Shower

The Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah has a an adult themed room called the Sultan's Palace Suite and it is W-I-L-D.

baby sitting in toilet seat

Dad Converts Toilet Seat Into Infant Sensory Toy but Video Has Folks Divided

Not everyone is ready to dub this dad a "genius" for this one.


Woman Documents Evidence House Is Haunted and the Videos Are Bone-Chilling

Since January, TikToker Tasha D. has been gathering video evidence her new farmhouse is haunted when activity began picking up after she and her husband began remodeling.

calendula bath

Watch How Mom Gets Tub Spotless After Soaking Kids In a Skin-Soothing Calendula Herbal Bath

The flowers and herbs look pretty but they can also be a pain to clean. Watch how one TikToker keeps her baths luxurious and her tub clean.

lego table

Video Of Woman's Insanely Cool DIY Lego Coffee Table Will Have You Running to Amazon

TikToker @urbanpinesco had a vision and really made it come to life! This is perfect for a quirky living room or kid's playroom.

empty coat hangers

For A Whopping $3.75, TikToker Solves Her Small Closet Problems With Easy DIY Hack

Your tiny closet problems could be solved thanks to the dollar store and this genius woman.

tiny house that has wooden and metal siding

Warning: Virtually Touring This Tiny House May Convince You To Sell Your Home

With soaring prices and a dicey housing market, people are turning to tiny home living and after seeing this place? We get it.

sewing kits

Mom Makes Sentimental "Memory Bears" and Parents Are Swooning

Mom and entrepreneur Stephanie of "Sew Little Keepsakes" is helping parents remember the early years in the sweetest way possible.


Husband's Clever Handyman Trick to Squeeze in 'Me Time' Has Men Dubbing Him a Genius

This guy is either evil, a genius, or a little of both.

tiktok model flower arranger

Model's "Trader Joe's" Flower Hacks Make Them Look Like They're From a High-End Florist

Love the flowers at Trader Joe's but have no idea what to do with them? This dude has got you covered.

Yankee candles in a jar

Woman Expertly Repurposes Her Old Candle Jars and People Are Totally Stealing This Idea

"Waste not, want not" must be a guiding principle in her life, because this TikToker can repurpose every inch of an old candle from the wax to the jar.

day and night bed

Watch This TV Stand Seamlessly Convert Into a Day Bed

This secret "Murphy Bed" was made for small living spaces and multipurpose rooms.

Painted floral cake

Baker Shares the "Secret" Behind Ornate Wedding Cakes and It's High-Key Genius

Ever wonder how cakes don't melt during outdoor weddings? This cake baker and decorator shares their dirty little secret.

craft candle holders

Who Needs Pottery Barn? DIYer Shows How to Make Trendy Candle Holders Using Zip Ties and String

Don't dish out the big bucks on décor, you can make your own impressive pieces with a little glue and ingenuity.

woman opening baby shower gifts

Woman and Her Boyfriend Make the Cutest Baby Gift Basket Ever For Her Expecting Sister

This future auntie is making sure her niece is already spoiled with a custom gift basket the mom is never going to throw out.

organized home drawers

People Are Obsessed With Watching This Woman Replenish Things Around the House & TBH We Get It

File this account under "oddly satisfying" with a side of "organization tips" for future reference.

side by side shot of apartment and woman working to make it better

Internet Rallies Around Homeless Woman Who Moves Into Apartment With No Heat or Running Water

TikToker 3astsideparty moved herself out of a toxic situation and found a new place to start over, and the collective internet is helping her make her house a home.

woman knitting something with red yarn

DIYer Shows Crafters How To Save a Buck With Impressive Dollar Store Finds

Whether you like to sew, draw, or make your own décor, this TikToker shows how you can score big with craft supplies from the dollar store.

room renovation

Girl Makes a Hilarious Video Roasting Her Parents Remodel Of Her Room But People Took Her Seriously

TikToker Shannen made a funny video joking that her room remodel was too small and people jumped to call her names

ripening blueberries on a bush

Smashing a Blueberry In Some Dirt Will Actually Get You a Whole Blueberry Bush

If you have a blueberry, some dirt, and a water bottle, you'll have yourself a whole new plant baby to love.

honeybobabear side by side immage of her coffee cup collection and her face

Woman On a Mission to 'Reset' Her House Comes Up With Elaborate Starbucks Cup Display

Tiktoker known for her "glow ups" came up with a super creative way to display her collection of reusable Starbucks cups

wooden round cutting for with wooden salt and pepper shakers

A Simple Serving Tray Could Transform Your Cluttered Countertops

Great New York area lifestyle expert Kat May shares a simple trick that can help get your small kitchen countertops look tidy.

Fluff restorations of a stuffed animal before and after

Woman Restores "Well Loved" Stuffed Animals and the Transformations Are Stunning

Danielle Allore-Taylor owns Fluff Restoration, a service that restores old stuffed animals to their former fluffy glory.

New Nike shoes that are pink with white soles

Dad Power Washes Daughter's Shoes To Prove She Doesn't Need New Ones & TBH It Worked

When a Texan TikToker's daughter asked for a new pair of kicks, her husband decided to prove she didn't actually need new ones in the most dad way possible.

Zillow friend's themed house

There Is a Townhouse For Sale In Houston That Is Literally Made For "Friends" Fans

Viral real estate account "Zillow Gone Wild" uncovers a townhouse that is perfect for fans of hit 90's sitcom "Friends" and it only costs $330K

wainscoting roof

TikTokers Suggest Looking Up To the Ceiling to Uniquely Revive a Room

Popcorn ceilings aren't the only way to add texture to your room...

"Full House" recreation

Artist Recreates Famous TV Show Sets As Miniature Displays and Even Celebrities Are Obsessed

Bridget McCarty has brought the sets of "Friends," "Seinfeld," "Full House," and so much more to life in her miniature collection