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Woman Begins the Most Meaningful Renovation of Her Life

This is going to be gorgeous.

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Houses are more than just places to rest - in fact, they are so, so much more than that. Sometimes they are built new and we are able to shape the entire house into a home all of our own, and sometimes the houses are older - filled with the memories and all the stories of those that came before us and lived in those same spaces.

This is part of the reason why restoring old houses is so important and can be so meaningful! So let’s take a look at one woman’s journey in restoring her family home back to the amazing place it once was.


Ms.Mcmath from TikTok is showing off the house that she has been renovating, but there is something even more special about this house beyond the fact that it is over a century old. It also just so happened to belong, and was even built by, her great grandpa all the way back in 1909!

She goes on to tell us that her father grew up in that same house in the sixties, and, after her grandmother sadly took her own life in that house after her baby had died, he eventually wound up moving away and the house fell into disrepair. You can see clear evidence of this in the fallen-through ceilings, the crumbling plaster of the walls, even the obviously scuffed and worn wood floors.

The creator is going through and cleaning everything up, not only to give herself a new home to live in but also to make sure that she honors her family in the best way that she knows how. Her father has recently retired, and together their goal is to restore the house to its former glory while he is still there.

We love to see the progress that is being done, as well as what the house once looked like, which the creator shows off in another video. This other video also shows just how much work the house obviously still needs, as well as how much has already been done, with an entire porch and addition already demolished, and we cannot wait to see what the house winds up looking like in the future!