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This Two-Ingredient Homemade Fertilizer Is Like Magic For Your Plants

We're 99.9% sure you have what you need

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Plants are adored by so many people for a number of reasons, including the plethora of benefits associated with being a plant parent such as providing inexpensive décor for your home, caring for them is a great way to relieve stress, they also can purify the air depending on the plants you care for. and so much more. Given those reasons and more, it makes sense that plant lovers and enthusiasts continue to add a plethora of plants to their growing collection.

However, the more plants you add, the more you have to pay attention to what each plant needs in order to thrive and one thing every plant typically needs is a good fertilizer. While you can go to the store and purchase a fertilizer, you can also easily make your own using this simple DIY recipe courtesy of plant enthusiast and TikTok content creator @creative_explained.


As he explains in the video, banana peels are the star of this DIY fertilizer. All you need to do is when you’re done eating the banana, simply chop up the banana peel, place it in a cup or bowl, fill it with some water and let the chopped peel soak for about an hour or so (the longer you let it soak, the better). During the soaking process, the banana peels are releasing potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium into the water, which are things that plants need in order to develop healthier roots and stronger stems. Once the soaking process is finished, simply pour the nutrient-rich homemade fertilizer onto the soil of your plants and watch them thrive!

Happy growing!