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Friends “Prank” Honeymooning Couple But People Think They Took It Too Far

They might need some new friends…

There’s an old adage that says “keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” but in this couple’s case, perhaps they should keep their friends just as close they would their enemies if they have any.

Okay, so not to compare their friends to enemies because we’re only getting a tiny glimpse of what their friendship appears to be in this quick video, however, if our friends did this to us, especially after coming home from our honeymoon, we’d seriously question their friendship after this.


Instead of walking into a neat and clean home, the couple —fresh from their honeymoon— walked into their space only to be bombarded with blown up balloons everywhere, rows of plastic cups on every step of the stairs, all of their furniture Saran-wrapped and an empty gerbil ball. As if the aforementioned was shocking enough, they walk into their bathroom and discover they transformed their bathtub into an aquarium full of fish!

We can’t really decipher how the couple feels about this “prank,” but most of the people in the comment section aren’t here for it. “If any friend of mine did this to me, we would no longer be friends…” @onthecheaptip commented. “I would be so mad. I purposely deep clean my house b4 a vacation so I can come home and relax,” @jrae008 wrote. “If they came back and cleaned everything up themselves, then yes, it would be funny. But if they just left it….yeah we’d no longer be friends,” @goodvibinwaves wrote.

We definitely understand where folks in the comment section are coming from. Hopefully, their friends did the right things and took care of getting the couple’s house cleaned to make up for this and perhaps maybe a wedding gift as well.