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Here’s a Fall Chore That Could Save You Hundreds In the Long Run

This small task is a game changer.

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If you own a house and live in a region that still has all four seasons, you must know you have to prepare your home for the weather change to avoid repercussions later. Such as prepping drafty windows for the winter

However, as this TikTok account @grovehousereno shows in their video, you can't forget about the outside of your house either and your garden area. 


Apparently, it is crucial to close your hose tight for the winter season, to avoid them from freezing - which takes about five hours if the temps are freezing cold.

To avoid that, simply remove the hose attached to the faucet and drain it. Next, you'd have to shut the valve and cap it - if necessary. And lastly, get one of these Everbilt Hard Outdoor Faucet Covers to install on top of the faucet, pull the string tight and that's it. 

Keep in mind to be careful when you remove it in spring, as insects - such as wasps or hornets - could have made it their home over the winter, as one TikToker suggested. 

Others were surprised, as they never had to do that because their climate is warm all year round such as in California, Florida, and Texas. However, it is still good to be prepared, as we all remember the recent snowstorm that arrived in Texas. And because people in Texas weren't expecting that, they were caught off guard and had frozen water pipes.