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Hot Water Stain Removal Hack Might Be the Answer to Every Clumsy Person’s Prayers

Wow! This looks like it really works!

I am, unfortunately, a messy person. Some of my earliest memories include having ketchup and grass stains all over my clothes, and there are pictures to prove it. My poor mother probably spent more hours trying to clean my clothes, and giving them up as lost causes, than I’d like to imagine. Maybe she'd have saved a little money on clothes if she knew about this one hack for taking out stains.


Co-creators Alara and Tamina on TikTok are the ones who introduced us to this super awesome and super easy hack. All it takes is some stained clothes, which I’m sure many of us have, and the secret ingredient: hot water. I couldn’t imagine it would be that simple, and when I first saw this video, I swore there had to be something else. Some cleaner, or soap, something had to be involved.

But, no. According to this video all you need is boiling hot water. Lay out your stained shirt, pants, or whatever other clothes you’ve gotten messed up, and (carefully) pour the hot water over the top. If the stains are a little more stubborn, you can leave it to soak and scrub with a toothbrush or other small brush, but there’s nothing else to it. Now, while this video shows a white shirt with berry stains, we can already imagine how useful it would be for other stains. Dripped some wine, or maybe got some ketchup on your nice white shirt? Just add hot water!

Now some commenters are questioning how accurate this hack is. One even said in their experience that hot water helped set stains (especially blood, which has us wondering how they know this), making them harder to remove. I guess that means we get to go test this hack for ourselves and see if it works!