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Here's How To Make Your Bed Look Hotel-Worthy

Wow, this looks so cozy.

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I’ve always loved traveling. Not just because of getting the opportunity to explore a new area, but also because I typically appreciate the aesthetics of the vacation space.

While I’m pretty flexible with majority of the accommodations, one thing I absolutely have to make sure meets my standard is the bed in which I lay in.

I’ve always envied how lush and Pinterest-worthy the hotel and Airbnb beds looked and would often wonder how to create that perfect fluffy catalog look on my own bed.

Thankfully, TikTok user @ash.tho came to mine and so many others rescue when she posted a three-part series showing us how to create that perfect home department store look on our own bed!


In the second video of the series, she starts with tucking in the sides of both her top sheet and quilt before moving on to folding in and tucking the corners of the bed in order to ensure everything else will remain flat. To get that ultra-fluffy cloud-like look, she suggests using two duvet inserts in the duvet cover and loosely tie the ends to prevent them from sliding around. She then folds the duvet halfway down, to create space for her large overstuffed multi-fabric pillows.

And voila - we now have the recipe to creating the highly-coveted look!

“I LOVE THIS SO MUCH,” said TikTok user @Syd.

Honestly, we do too!