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Woman Totally Rejects Notion of Making House Livable for Others and We So Stan This

It is YOUR house after all.

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If you own your home, you can certainly do as you please without worrying about any repercussions. Such as this couple did with their a-frame cabin, by removing the second bedroom they didn't use. Some people might think ahead and are mentally preparing themselves of selling their home, although they just bought it, and others live in the moment.

Such as TikTok creator Julia Curated, who shares in her video that she isn't too worried about who is going to move in after her but how she makes her place livable for herself! 

We can all agree, that living in the moment is the way to go. Especially, when we're getting older. If I waited long enough to finally buy my own home, believe me when I say, I am not planning on moving out any time soon. 

So, might as well make the home you bought, perfect for you. And as a reminder, she decided to paint a little twig by the door lock since that's what makes her happy right now.

It's fair to say that many people on TikTok agreed with this statement looking at the over 10K likes the video received. 

People also took to the comments section. 

As one person said,

"I hate hearing anything about resell value. I want the house to be what I want, not the next person."


Also, what if you'll never sell? Why worry?

Maybe you'll pass it on to your kids or your grandkids. I think it is healthy to somewhat invest in the future but we shouldn't invest all our thoughts into it, as tomorrow isn't promised. 

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