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Woman Reclaims 100-Year-Old Family Home and Is Now On a Mission To Solve a Family Mystery

What ever happened to her great-uncle

Although there’s a creepy stigma revolving around buying and living in an older home, there’s also a cool essence to doing such. Having the ability to live in an older space that was once occupied by a family who has had several generations live in the home can make any one curious and want to find out more about the home’s history, especially when you’re related to the family.

That’s exactly what happened with TikTok user @hotforhistory when she purchased her family home that’s over 100 years old! Now, after finding written hobo graffiti in the basement, she’s hoping to find out what happened to her great uncle after he disappeared!


How interesting is this story? Her great uncle, Charlie, left the home and hopped a train to leave town after having an argument with his dad. The basement still has the words “Hobo Jungle” written in the basement because her great grandmother turned the home into a safe house for the homeless after thinking Charlie eventually became a hobo and was hoping for his safe return back to the home. After several unsuccessful checks with war records and other people, the creator of the video is now the 4th generation of her family still wondering what happened to her uncle.

People in the comments are invested in this story and even suggested the creator try finding out more information through an Ancestry DNA kit.

Hopefully we’ll get an update about this story soon!