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Okay, So Apparently We've Been Watering Succulents Wrong Our Entire Lives

Our minds are blown!

Whether you’re a new plant parent or have an abundance of plants that you care for and are well-versed in the game of taking care of your lush babies, there’s always something new for you to learn in the world of plant parenting.

One thing we just learned that has blown our minds is how to water succulent plants that are extremely short of water. Just check out this video from TikTok content creator @passiononplants to see this unbelievable way to water succulents!


Have you ever watered your succulent plant like this before or have heard of this method? We haven’t. If this is as new to you as it was to us prior to watching this video, then we’ll quickly break it down as to how you should do this according to the instructions in the video.

First, you take out a pot of succulents that are short of water and place it into a bigger cup before filling the larger cup with water. The succulents will then to produce many small bubbles which is a sign that the leaves are taking in the water. When the succulents drink enough water (@passiononplants suggests leaving the plant in the water for no longer than five minutes) the leaves will begin to plump and you can then remove the plant from its’ water submerge, shake off the small bubbles on the surface of the succulent and leave the succulent in a ventilated place for one day.

Viewers in the comment section had mixed opinions regarding if this worked or not with some people saying it killed their succulents and others’ saying they do this once a month.

If we had a succulent plant that was in dire need of water, we may just try this out!