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Woman Is Sad She Has Nowhere to Hang Her Stockings, So Hubby Builds Her a Fireplace

He took it to a whole other level!

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So it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas all around the country, and that means plenty of time for decorating. You’ve grabbed your tree and lit it all up, hung knick-knacks and garlands from your walls and doors, but now… what to do with your stockings? While plenty of people out there have fireplaces, others do not and have to figure out alternative places to hang up theirs for Santa to fill.

Or, if you are like TikTok creator Jackie, you have a partner who goes and builds you an entire faux fireplace to hang your stockings from!


Now when I say that I am one hundred percent jealous of Jackie and her relationship with her partner, Trent, I mean it. This man heard ‘I have nowhere to hang my stockings’ and immediately went out and started building her a fireplace. He starts by taping off the area and how it will look, then really gets to work.

A section of the carpet is cut out before Trent goes and cuts some wood to size, then starts framing out the fireplace. An electric fireplace is then brought in and fitted into place, something that will both give off heat and light while still not being quite as ‘on fire’ as an actual fireplace.

Next, the front panels are added, helping fill in the general shape of the frame and taking it all the way up to the ceiling so it looks less ‘faux’ and more ‘fireplace’. Dark grey paint is added to turn it into a real focal piece before Trent also installs a shelf, the perfect place for Jackie to then hang her beloved stockings from.

The end result is, I will say quite simply, stunning. Trent even goes so far as to add those little finishing touches that are so important (even a mirror at the top), and I am sending out all my kudos to this man!

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