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No one really likes to think about death, but planning for arrangements to deal with your earthly departures helps the loved ones you leave behind. Some will forbid cremation while others loathe the idea of being in a casket. It is an incredibly personal choice, but one we typically think of having only two or three options at best. Enter: Return Home Human Composting.

Yes, that is correct, by choosing this option you would be allowing your body to naturally decompose through a very sustainable and sensitive process. The idea is that the human remains are buried in a composting vessel where the body will naturally break down. After phase one, the team returns to your vessel and removes anything inorganic (i.e. your bones) and runs it through a cremulator (much like you’d find in a crematorium. The bones are returned to the compost and left to cure for another 30 days where they become porous and then basically turn into fertilizer.

The fertilizer is returned to the family, and then the family could choose to use the remains in any way they see fit. Gardeners could return and eternally rest in their beloved garden bed, or family could ethically scatter remains on special grounds.

Once you get over the initial shock of the new process it is an incredibly peaceful and serene way to think about eternally resting.

Returning back to the earth from whence we came is a true circle of life moment, and for those who love all things green, why find a way to become one with what you loved in life?