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Husband Demonstrates Exactly What Partners Should Do When the House Is Messy

Happy wife, happy life.
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It's frustrating to hear people say things like “the women's chores” when they are referring to things such as cooking the meals, doing the laundry, going grocery shopping, and cleaning the house. I know some women prefer to take on these task- myself included, because the lawn mower actually scares me- but this doesn't mean the men in our lives are completely exiled from helping with these tasks because they also contribute to the dirty laundry, they eat the food and make the dirty dishes, and they also live in the homes where dust and mess accumulates.

TikToker and supportive husband @doctorwadsworth posted a video telling all husbands what they should be doing when the house is messy if they want to be a supportive partner, and we are so in love with his advice.

The man first starts out his video by telling the world that if you are a grown man, and you also live in the house, you need to be supporting your wife and helping with tasks around and in the house that the typical man would put solely on their wife.

While his wife puts their three year old daughter to bed he works to clean up the house to straighten it up for her to walk back down to.

We love the man's outlook on partner responsibility, and may or may not be tagging our partners in this video.

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