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Husband's Simple Trick For Keeping the Sink Clean While Shaving Should Inspire Men to Take Notes

Honestly, the difference this would make would be *chef's kiss*

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You know how the Lorax speaks for the trees? I am going to consider myself the Lorax for all people who are partnered with anyone who is abled bodied and shaves over the sink. *AHEM:*

When you leave the sink full of your little tiny beard hairs, it makes us murderous.

And if you value your life, you need to start pulling your proverbial weight when it comes to cleaning up after yourself. Do you know how hard it is getting all those little tiny shavings out of the wet sink? Actually you probably do, which is likely why you leave it. 

 Not all partners are guilty of treating their spouses like maids, and the one's who don't, apparently have a few simple tricks up their sleeves to help other be more considerate too. For instance this husband and father's simple sink trick will save you and your non-facial hair partner a ton of heartache. 


All this modern wizard does is put a paper towel down in the sink and let it catch all of the hair. He event rinses the blade over it. He then folds it up, gives the sink a simple wipe and what do you know... it is clean!

He even gives followers a cute little ditty sung to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It" that goes:

"Your wife is your partner not you mom (clap, clap). Your wife is your partner not you mom (clap, clap). She is not a live in maid or a hired cleaning crew , so she shouldn't have to clean up after you (clap, clap)"


He has tons of other tips and tricks for partners hoping to be a better one by helping out, so be sure to follow him for all his wisdom.