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Husband's Clever Handyman Trick to Squeeze in 'Me Time' Has Men Dubbing Him a Genius

This guy is either evil, a genius, or a little of both.

Married couples know that no matter how much they love their partners, they need a break from each other every now and again. The truth is, when you throw in kids, animals and household stuff, a minute to one's self is pretty tough to come by. So sometimes people have to get creative about how we sneak in "me time." Enter this man's brilliant "hack"

TikToker @lauren_kruger was a little suspicious when her husband was taking an unusually long time to fix a leak in their upstairs bathroom. So she decided to check on him and found him doing, well, this: 

Why yes, that man is randomly banging the vanity with a hammer and popping off the drill whilst drinking a beer and watching his show to make it sound like he's working. While the video sadly doesn't show her actual busting him and getting his reaction, it is enough to make every married couple feel a little seen. 

The video had some mixed reactions from the Internet. Some men dubbed him a genius and someone who should be "protected at all costs." But others thought that his deception was rather telling of their relationship, and a lot of men urged the wife to consider why he might be doing this. While we can't jump to conclusions about who they are as a couple, one thing is for certain.

I am about to go "grocery shopping" by myself real soon.