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Watch This Husband Hilariously Prank Wife With Shaving Cream Filled Balloons

Is it messy? Yes. But it's worth the clean up!

Every relationship is different. While some couples enjoy going to dinner and a movie to keep their bond fresh, there are other couples who have slightly different alternatives to keep their relationship from going stale. To each their own of course, but this one couple on TikTok definitely has a unique way of keeping their spark alive.

With over nine million subscribers, popular TikTok couple @mamalindy create videos showcasing the hilarious way in which they prank each other on a daily basis and they sometimes even get their kids to participate in the messy, yet, hilarious pranks!


LOL. What makes it even more funny is the fact that the husband knew his wife would do exactly what she did and the prank was executed flawlessly! While we can imagine having to constantly mop shaving cream off the floor would be a bit of a nuisance, we love how the couple still chooses to prank each other anyway and have fun with it.

And with millions of views on each of their videos, it’s safe to say we’re not the only people that appreciate the hard work they put into pranking each other. TikTok user @lukeebear6988 wrote “This relationship makes me happy!” TikTok follower @racebear3 commented “Ok setting a decoy was smooth.” Another one of their viewers @blackbigmac_8477 wrote “His aim is on a whole other level.” "He baited you the first time on purpose,” @l0thw0lf commented.

Given how often they prank each other with these messy balloons, I’m sure the couple has quite a few cleaning hacks handy.