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Husband Hilariously Imitates How Wife Acts Before The Cleaners Come and Nails It

He just gets it.

Our partners truly are our best friends. Considering they’re naturally our roommates and we spend most of our time with them, it makes so much sense for them to easily pick up our habits and even adapt some of them into their own personal lives, or make fun of them.

Such is the case for popular TikTok couple @happilyevansafterr, who uploaded a video where the husband, Steven, imitates how his wife, Ashley, acts before their house cleaners show up to clean their home and it’s not only hilarious, but so relatable!


When he says “Babe, the cleaner is coming tomorrow, we need to clean everything up for the cleaner!” LOL. And the Starbucks reference is so accurate! Seriously, I feel seen in this video and apparently some of the viewers do, too! “Haha this is me before the cleaner comes and after she visits nobody can touch ANYTHING. LOL,” TikTok user @shellsbellz1 commented. “Yea we totally clean before our cleaner comes too!” @qkalnoske wrote. Another one of their viewers @lisayoung5464 wrote “You’re supposed to clean before the cleaner comes! They don't need to see how dirty we keep the house, they might get scared away. LOL.” Another follower @katydidd2 hilariously commented “Haha. I feel a little attacked because this would so be me.”

This video is so spot on and definitely brought some much needed laughs to our Monday. I