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Husband Sneaks Up on Wife at Target and Hilariously Discovers Why Target Runs Take So Long

It all makes sense now…

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Listen, when it come to making Target runs, do not expect your partner to return back to the car for at least an hour, even if they tell you they are only going in for “just a few things.” Target is a cult-favorite store for a reason and practically every stay at home mom or partner will find just about any reason to go there, especially since they have a Starbucks (that’s basically a two-for-one deal)!

Well, the husband behind TikTok account @kayandtayofficial couldn’t wait in the car any longer and decided to hilariously see for himself why it takes his wife so long in the store when she was only going in for one thing. And honestly, so many of us can relate to her!

Does this husband know his wife or what? It apparently didn’t take him too long to find her as she was in the makeup aisle, playing with her hair while looking in the mirror (maybe she needed to test out a product?!) Continuing to observe her from a distance, he notices how she easily (relatable) gets distracted while making her way to the milk section — which is the one thing she was supposed to pick up while there). She stopped to pick up a cat mug that hilariously read “Meowy Christmas,” picked up a few spatulas (even though he pointed out that they have four of them and checked out a few Christmas decorations before he surprised her and kindly requested they go and get the milk they came for.

Hey, while we can understand not wanting to wait a long time for someone to pick up milk, we can’t help but relate with her; seriously, it’s Target — take your time!

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