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Woman Turns Free Thrifted Hutch Into Gorgeous Plant Terrarium

Don't mind us if you see us trash picking the next few weeks.

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When looking to add statement pieces to your home, do not overlook Facebook Marketplace. In your local neighborhood is a treasure trove of potential and sometimes folks are willing to part with pieces for nothing that you could mold into something new and wonderful. 

Take for instance an old hutch TikTok user and DIY enthusiast @mygrandparentschair scored. Instead of seeing a piece destined for a landfill, she was inspired to breathe new life into it. And boy did she ever...


She completely gutted it and turned it into a gorgeous plant terrarium. She added legs from Home Depot, secured them, popped off the ornate top and repainted. After that, she added some grow lights to make sure her plant babies thrived in there and when all was said and done, she then had a stunning piece that would make any plant parent salivate. 

Of course if plants aren't your thing, you could easily convert this into a shelf to house anything you collect, from Funko Pops to books. The point being that even before you hit up the big stores to find what you're looking for, peruse around your local neighborhood or thrift shops. A piece could be waiting for you there to turn into your very own.