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Man Shares How to Convert a House Plant Into a Hydroponic

We love the look of this.

Plants are what give a home a certain aesthetic, and there are many houseplants to choose from. Some may require more TLC than others, but most houseplants can be a breeze to cater for. There are also a few tricks to consider when it comes to checking the water level of your plants or repotting them completely to turn them into a hydroponic plant. 

Such as TikToker Tanner Mitchell (@tannertheplanter) did, as he shares the process in his video.


It looks so much better being displayed in a glass vase than in a planter. This look adds some expensive vibes to your home and also gives the impression of being fresh and clean, as the area around the planters and pots can sometimes become a little messy due to the soil. All Tanner did was take the plant out of its pot, break off the soil and rinse the plant off with water to get rid of any remaining soil. He then cleaned a vase with hydrogen peroxide, filled it less than halfway up with water, and added some Hydroguard to keep the roots of his plant healthy. To display the plant, Tanner used a metal stand to put the vase in and a rotating display table. What a gem!

Displaying plants in glass vases or glass boxes, such as succulents, always looks better, and gives off a clean aesthetic. It is also easier around pets, as there will be no clean-up necessary from dug-up soil on the floors.