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These Cute Ice Cube Trays Makes The Perfect-Sized Ice For Our Favorite Summer Drinks

This is just what we needed.

The hot summer days are approaching quickly, unless you’re in the south— then it’s likely you’re already feeling the sweltering summer heat at this very moment. One of the best ways to beat the heat and quickly cool down on those unbearable hot days, is with a nice, cold drink. It typically doesn’t take much to put together a delicious drink, however, the one ingredient that’s an absolute must for any summer drink is ice. And not just any ice. The best ice isn’t the large cubes that are typically what we have in our freezer, it’s the smaller round shaped ice that’s easy to crush with our teeth and also does a fabulous job at keeping our drinks cold while simultaneously not watering it down, either.

Thanks to TikTok user @marcelaveronica_, we don’t have to go on a crazy hunt to find the perfect ice cube tray that fits the bill. These Lamesa Round Ice Cube Trays produce1-inch round ice that’s perfect for your favorite summer drink.


Do you see how perfect those ice cubes are? They’re not too big to where it kind of blocks the drink from actually entering your mouth, but it’s not too small either. The round ice tray mold makes ice that’s just right in size, so no more driving to the nearest fast food restaurant to pay for a large cup of ice when you’re now able to produce similar sized ice from home.

At $20 for three trays, it’s quite inexpensive and worth it if you ask us. Cheers to the upcoming summer season and this amazing Amazon find!

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