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Take Advantage of the Cold Weather and Make an Outdoor Ice Refridgerator

It’s a good way to make a little extra room in the fridge if you need it!

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Winter has officially arrived and half of the states are already experiencing freezing temps due to a polar vortex that recently took place. With that also came power outages in many regions, leaving many people worried about how to store their groceries. If you find yourself in these areas, this article is for you. 

TikTok account @ideatimes has the perfect answer on how to use nature to keep your food cold and fresh. Let's check it out!

Wow! This is definitely the way to go when it comes to taking advantage of resources, and it's effortless.

All you need is some trays, water, insulated insoles - like the ones you'd put in your boots - and a big glove. First, you'd fill the trays with water and let them freeze overnight. You'd also need some hot water to be able to adhere the pieces together, as hot water freezes quicker than cold water. As you can see, he also uses a hot iron tool to even everything out, and for the insulated insoles to stick. These hinder the top piece from sticking to the other ice sheets, and it basically serves as a door. He also applied two more of the insoles to the back, so they can function as door hinges. And lastly, he applied a glove, that he adhered to the ice sheet with hot water, so it can freeze and becomes secured. This basically becomes the door handle. 

And voilà an outdoor fridge provided by Mother Nature and insulated insoles. This is perfect to store fish and meat like our ancestors used to do.

TikTok loved that idea as well, although some people hoped to never be in that situation to live in the freezing cold with an outdoor fridge. 

As TikToker @zayterrymomjake commented,

"Excellent use of your resources."

Definitely, and probably also better for the environment. 

And TikToker (@__itzava__1) wrote,

"A real ice box."

Yes, pretty much.

However, another person (@djdan1983) posted,

"Way too much work."

There is some work involved but it seems fairly easy. Almost like building a sand castle but instead of sand, it's snow. 

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