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Woman Transforms Ikea Cabinet Into a Plant Greenhouse and Understandably, PlantTok Is Amazed

Plant parents...prepare to be impressed!

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If you’re a plant parent that’s always dreamt of having your own greenhouse for your plans, but lacked the space to actually have one, then we have the perfect solution for you!

Courtesy of TikToker and plant mom, @ohtheplacesyoullgrow, this DIY greenhouse is made from another great Ikea find — this $50 Baggebo cabinet — that is made with glass doors and metal and white framing. This is not only perfect for small spaces such as a studio or an apartment, but it is also modern and beautiful!

I know we’re always discussing how amazing Ikea’s multi-purpose products are for hacks (seriously, they’re amazing for hacks) and this DIY project continues to prove why the aforementioned statement is true.

She admitted that it took her hours of research to make this DIY greenhouse, but the result is well worth the amount of time put into it. Additionally, this DIY required her to learn how to weatherstrip, install lights, manage cords and automate timers! Clearly, this DIY may require a bit more knowledge and can be a learning curve for those not familiar with how to do any of the aforementioned steps, however, judging by how well this cabinet-turned-greenhouse project turned out, we’re anxious to learn and try this DIY ourselves!

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