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Yet Again, Ikea Has Another Product That Has Multiple Uses

They're all beneficial, too!

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Is there anything in Ikea that doesn’t have multiple uses? Seriously, Ikea is already an affordable store that can furnish your home through and through, and with many of their products being so minimal and well-designed that it makes it easy to create more than one use, it’s almost impossible to stay away from the popular store.

We’ve come across so many Ikea hacks that are too many to count at this point and unsurprisingly, we have another Ikea product we can add to the “Ikea multi-purpose products” list — the Ikea Stolthet cutting board. Courtesy of TikTok content creator @grillodesigns, check out this quick video detailing this cutting board’s multiple uses below.

The first way in which she uses the Ikea cutting board is by turning it upside down and placing her books on the inside of legs to create a bookend. The next use she gets out of the bamboo cutting board is by sung it as a laptop or monitor stand, which is perfect if you work from home and want something that’s small and convenient enough to move around with you throughout your home to work from any room. Lastly, she uses the cutting board as a tiered tray by adding a smaller compartment underneath it placing essential kitchen utensils and tools on top of it, which happens to lessen counter clutter and potentially provides added storage.

Like the many other Ikea hacks, we love this one!

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