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People Are Losing It Over These Ikea Accessories

Low key wanting that bucket hat...

Okay, Ikea, I see you. You’ve already stolen my heart when it comes to furniture, and you’re the name of the game when it comes to household furnishings. With everything from bedroom mattresses, lighting options, kitchen accessories, and even plants, you’ve got everything covered for decorating the home. There have been many times I’ve found myself spending hours at my local Ikea, going home with a lot more than I had gone inside expecting to purchase.

But now? Now Ikea has even more to entice shoppers.


We have Shopping Finds (shoppingismycomfort over on TikTok) to thank for bringing these nifty Ikea accessories. And no, we are not talking about extra screwdrivers or anything else used to put together their many products, but accessories we can use on our persons.

First off is the tiniest shopping bag that I have seen in a long time. It comes in the bright yellow-and-blue that Ikea is known for, and I can already picture a ton of things I could use it for. From doll handbags to cute decorations, or even small storage for those itty-bitty Ikea parts that we all tend to lose over time, this bag is the perfect small accessory to go alongside any Ikea purchase.

Next up is an awesome bucket hat. Now, I get why some people don’t like bucket hats. As for myself, I think they’re really cute. They also, somehow, really fit the Ikea aesthetic and even though I couldn’t see myself wearing this hat on a daily basis, I could certainly use it while out gardening or putting some furniture together. Maybe that is the point for Ikea making it then?

In any case, I, along with plenty of other commenters, are going to be heading to our local Ikea stores to pick up some tiny totes and really rad hats.