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Woman Shares Genius Ikea Hack to Try If You Lack Kitchen Space

No pantry, no problem!

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Plenty of homeowners and renters lack kitchen space due to the layout of a home or simply because they chose to minimize their living and opted for a smaller space. However, regardless of the reason, being organized is a great way to ensure you’re taking advantage of just about every space in your home, which is perfect when you live in a smaller space or your kitchen doesn’t have a pantry.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator @smt_designs. Her kitchen doesn’t have a pantry, but rather than succumb to doing a potentially expensive home renovation in her kitchen, she found a genius way to create her own kitchen pantry with this Ikea hack!


As seen in the quick video, she purchased few of these 5-piece GODMORGON bathroom container sets from Ikea and filled each of them with all of her spices, seasonings and grains that she’d normally have in her pantry and place them into her kitchen drawers instead.

While we think this idea is very clever, many viewers of the video took to the comment section to express their thoughts about why the isn’t the best idea. “Umm. no... I love the idea but need air tight containers,” @chrimical wrote. “I love the little mouse holes for easy access. Very thoughtful!” @matheson82 commented. “Love the idea but they need to be airtight, bugs will get into all of that and dirt.” @emmaredfox99 shared.

We definitely understand people’s concern, but this is a clever and inexpensive way to organize your kitchen if you lack space.

Just be sure to use airtight containers.