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Woman Fakes Fancy Mirror Display With Help From $9.99 Ikea Hack

Making a statement doesn't have to cost more than $10.

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There are going to be things in your new home that require an investment. You don't want to cut corners on quality when it comes to things like comfy couches or appliances. However if you want that luxury look that isn't going to cost you designer prices, looking into making your own dupes or design hacks is key. That way should your tastes change, you don't have to feel any guilt about spending money for a refresh. 

DIYers like Lauren Olphert know exactly how to make that happen. For instance, just check out her cool Ikea mirror hack that completely transforms an otherwise boring space. 


After taping off a vertical rectangle that measures slightly more than the width of these stick-on Ikea mirrors, she painted in her block a hearty black. Then she simply stuck the mirrors on the black "frame," making sure they were level and evenly spaced. 

Since the mirrors come in packs of four and are completely customizable, anyone looking to do this can play with both the block color and the layout. 

Ultimately, this chic look cost very little time and effort, which is exactly what you're looking for when it comes to a designer DIY hack.