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These IKEA Office Binder Organizers Are Perfect for “Dead” Kitchen Space Storage

It adds so much.

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Do you find organizing yourself and your home harder than you think it should be? Maybe you have some small spaces that you think aren’t being utilized the right way, and want to really up your organization game to make sure that everything has its place and is being put away so you don’t have clutter just laying around!

Well, Dekokrams has figured out exactly how you can take those small spaces, such as in your kitchen, and use them to their fullest potential all with the addition of a few organizational pieces straight from Ikea!


So, how many of you out there have a weird kitchen corner or side of your cabinets that is just empty space, unused, and probably just collecting dust? No more! Run, don’t walk, to your local Ikea (or maybe even online), and search for some of their Office Binder organizers.

These small organizers are a bit more vertical and narrow than a lot of other organizers that you’ll spot, which makes them perfect even for narrow and small spaces. Once you have a few you’ll also want to grab some strong self-sticking adhesives - the kind that won’t peel your wall once you need to remove the stickers.

From there just add your new organizers and fill them up with some small objects that you didn’t have a space for before. Keep in mind that you won’t want to put anything TOO heavy in these organizers, unless you want to also create small shelving or other things to help hold them up. But then again, you could totally do that as well and store just about anything that you’d like in these out-of-the-way spaces!

And there you have it - a quick, easy, and even potentially renter-friendly way of storing small objects out of the way while still keeping them readily at hand!

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