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Man Turns Cheap Ikea Bookshelf Into a Sliding Hidden Pantry

Genuinely a brilliant idea

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Ikea is known to have many versatile items and furniture pieces at affordable prices, making it a popular store amongst the masses for that reason alone. And thanks to social media, we’ve seen how other items such as the Ikea cutting board can easily be transformed into a bookshelf, a laptop or monitor stand, as well as a tiered tray. However, that’s just barely scratching the surface of only some of the Ikea hacks we’ve found all over social media.

Our latest find, courtesy of TikTok user @silvio6061 is another hack we can add to the list of hacks we must try. He was able to transform an Ikea bookshelf into a hidden pantry in his laundry room and we love it!

As seen in the quick video, it only took a few tools and supplies such as a power drill, wood glue and some added wheel rollers to place on the bottom of the book shelf in order to transform it to a sliding pantry shelf that’s used to help him store his laundry necessities. We love how he’s able to keep everything in his laundry room organized thanks to this handy sliding shelf.

Quite similar to the other amazing Ikea hacks we’ve found while scrolling through TikTok, this this idea is genius!

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