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Man Transforms $25 Ikea Side Table Into Adorable Pet 'Home'

TBH, with a few modifications this is nice even if you don't have a pet.

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When you have a furry friend you love and adore, you want to make sure that they "know" that your house is also their home. Pet owners do what they can to make their pets feel comfortable. They add plushie toys, comfy beds, and whatever else they need to make them feel at home. In truth, a lot of of the pet accessories out there aren't exactly aesthetically pleasing, and therefore can kind of cramp decorative style.

So one man decided he was going to give his Ikea "Gladom" side table a facelift and turn it in a cute home for his furry BFF. 


He had the brilliant idea of using a piece of rattan cane webbing which is a classic boho design. The best part is the cane doesn't fray so it cuts smoothly and makes for a neat project. He then cut out a stencil and traced an entryway so the pet could enter. Then he removed the top of the table and popped it below on the legs. He snagged a round board he had to Dremel in space for the legs. After adding trim, he then put the cane into the legs and hot glued it to the bottom and at the seam. Once he was finished, he popped a cozy blanket in there and boom! Instant adorable pet-hotel table. 

And if you don't need the pet aspect of it, simply don't cut out an entryway for one. You'd still be able to super glam up an otherwise minimalist table. 

Obsessed doesn't begin to cover how people were feeling about this piece. They couldn't believe what a transformation this side table got, and frankly neither can we!