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Woman Reimagines Ikea Vases Into Cool Candle Holder Accent Piece

This would easily go for over $50 in stores.

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At this point we have to question, is there anything in Ikea that doesn’t have serve multi-purposes? We’ve seen one woman repurpose this stunning gold Ikea napkin holder into a cute book display that hung on her wall, a couple transform Ikea bookcases into a beautiful kitchen pantry and we’ve seen multiple people come up with a few different clever ways to use the Ikea bread bins.

While we’re surprised at all of these clever Ikea hacks that content creators have come up with, we’re not stunned that we’ve found, yet again, another creative Ikea hack courtesy of TikTok content creator and furniture flipper @shaynaalnwick. This Ikea hack is too good (and definitely inexpensive) to pass up!

To create these simple and cute vases, she purchased two Ikea Pådrag vases, a Pomp vase and a Berākna glass dish. She then removed the stickers from each item and used some adhesive to glue both of the Pådrag vases together and glued the Pomp vase to the Berākna glass dish.

After the glue officially dried, she used Dixie Belle Slick Stick primer to apply allover the pieces before following up and applying a DIY textured coat mix of Dixie Belle Sea Spray Texture Additive with Terra Clay paint in the colors “Prairie Dawn” and “Wisteria Mist.”

The final look is simple and stunning and we love how she crafted this pieces. It’s amazing how she only paid a few dollars for the entire project, but these vases each look like they cost at least $50 in stores!

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