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FL Hurricane Damage Forces Couple to Discover Indigenous Mural Hidden Under Dry Wall

It was a gorgeous piece.

Hurricanes are ferocious forces of nature. They can come in and wipe out entire neighborhoods and buildings, flood streets and facilities, and destroy many's livelihoods and even lives. You wouldn’t think that there was anything positive they could leave in their wake, but even with all this doom and gloom, there are a few bright spots.

But even in those bright spots, would you really expect to find something truly stunning, such as an indigenous-themed mural painted decades ago and hidden behind layers of wallpaper and paint? That is exactly what happened to one Florida couple after Hurricane Ian blew through their area.


Alicia Bunk and her husband recently had to leave their house when massive Hurricane Ian blew through and they came home to a place that was nearly destroyed. The hurricane had even taken off their roof in some sections of their house causing everything inside to get wet. This, in turn, caused issues with one of the walls, which Alicia and her husband got to removing in hopes that they could dry everything out and get their home repaired.

But there was something hidden underneath, something they would never have discovered and could not have imagined lay beneath. Once the wall was removed, they could see a full wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling mural of indigenous art featuring traditional art pieces of Moctezuma and a Quetzalcoatl. The entire piece is gorgeous and in shockingly good condition, especially considering that it just went through a thorough soaking by a hurricane.

We can only imagine this piece to be a hidden blessing on the house, a sign of protection against those that would come against the inhabitants. And to be fair, there was a lot of strange occurrences that had to come together to bring this mural to light. Luckily Alicia and her husband have said that they are going to dry out the area and feature it, rather than cover it back up, bringing back to life an old piece of art that had long been forgotten, until now.