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Fish Dad Puts Together Unbelievably Cool In-Home Mini Pond

And now all of our fish are jealous and want one too...

Fish don’t appear to get nearly the amount of love they deserve. After all, our colorful, swimming friends can swim peacefully, entertaining themselves and us for hours on end, and generally require very little maintenance.

Luckily, while some out there may resort to a glass bowl and a single, sad fish swimming endlessly in circles, there are others out there who go above and beyond for their fishy friends.


One such person is Auden Heitzler, the self proclaimed FishyDaddy of TikTok. This creator has earned quite the reputation as an aquatic science enthusiast, and his love for fish shines clearly in each of his videos.

This particular video deals with his creation of a small, self-contained mini pond that is perfect for the tiny critters that he is looking to add. Auden starts with a seventy-quart Muck Tub, which is a large professional-grade plastic tub, that is the perfect size for what he has planned.

Black volcanic rock is added to the bottom of the tub after being rinsed, and that will provide the base layer for everything built on top of it while also allowing for some slightly filtration to pass through. He then creates a pump housing using a planter and some mesh before adding the submersible pump and setting everything down inside.

A small weave basket is added and attached to the tubing that goes down to the pump which Auden will use to grow small plants in. More volcanic rock is added to provide a natural support structure and hiding spot for tiny fish, all before several pond-dwelling plants are added for even more of that natural, pond-like look.

As Auden shares with us, it took a couple of weeks for the pond to cycle before he could add in his tiny fish, but we have to admit that the end result looks simply stunning in his fish room, and that we are entirely too jealous over the mini-pond!